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Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. We prepare students to pass the state administered license exam with a 300 hour program. Financial Aid Available for those who qualify, start the application process by clicking here.

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About the Instructing Program


Course Description

The instructor course is structured to successfully prepare students to pass a state administered license exam. Upon successful completion of the state license exam, students have demonstrated teaching competency and are prepared for gainful employment in the field of teaching cosmetology.

Course Format

The format would include but not be limited to lecture, reading assignments, video/audio, hands on demonstration, hands on performance, evaluations, both written and oral.


Course Objectives and Goals

An instructor trainee shall be a licensed cosmetologist and shall ho d a license as an instructor trainee in cosmetology. The instructor trainee program requires 300 hours to complete. The curriculum consists of both theory and practical training. Upon completion the student will be able to find employment in a private or public cosmetology school based on reciprocal agreements with schools and/or other states.

What Instructing Has to Offer

Job Security

No matter how the economy shifts, a Beauty career will always be in job demand. This means you always have a job!

Flexible Scheduling

Salons are open days, evenings, and weekends giving you the freedom to have a job you love and still have personal time.

Be Your Own Boss

Be your own boss and finally feel free to express not suppress your creativity! You make the rules and call the shots

Financial Aid is available for those who qualify, start today!